Snow day for pets in Colorado

Some people in the Denver metro saw a foot of snow. Many local dogs, a cat and even a pig came out to play.

COLORADO, USA — The strongest snowstorm Colorado has seen all season long blew through Wednesday night. 

Those in the Denver metro area had up to a foot of fresh snow drop on their lawns overnight, piquing the interest of some pets around the state.  

Many viewers captured videos of their pets as they spent time playing in the snow Thursday. 

Here are a few of the videos.

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This is

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White House pets, from adorable to very weird

Stephanie Gomez Carter/Delaware Humane Association/Bettman/Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images

During his one-term presidency, Donald Trump bucked any number of traditions, including the presence of a White House pet. Most presidents over the years have brought one or more animals into the White House. In fact, James Polk and Donald Trump are the only presidents to never have a First Pet.

In contrast, Joe and Jill Biden have brought two German shepherds to Washington. One of them, Major, is credited as the first White House rescue dog in American history.

Since 1999, The Presidential Pet Museum has kept a record of the diverse

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Pet Adoption In The Joliet Area: See New Dogs, Cats

Want to add a new member to your family and make a positive impact on the Joliet community at the same time? Maybe it’s time to adopt a pet! During the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, many animal shelters in and around Joliet are still working to find forever homes for dozens of cats, dogs and other adorable critters coming through.

Across Illinois, there are thousands of dogs, cats and other animals of all ages, sizes and breeds without a home — and many of them are located in your area. For those looking to adopt, a great place to begin the

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Giving supplements to pets to ward off COVID? Don’t bother

The COVID-19 pandemic has sparked a boom in consumption of dietary supplements, with one recent report estimating 12% growth in sales last year.

The fact that many people are turning to these largely unregulated products during such perilous times is one thing.

That a growing number are similarly giving them to their dogs and cats is something else.

A recent study found that sales of pet supplements soared 21% last year to nearly $800 million. Prior to the pandemic, annual sales growth was no more than 5%.

The study found that almost half of pet owners “are paying closer attention

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Tampa Bay area pets looking for forever homes

Pasco — Barbie

Barbie is a 9-year-old, female cat. She’s very petite, sweet and loves to be petted. It doesn’t matter what activity you’re doing, she’s content to curl up at your side and purr. If you’d like to meet her, call the Pasco County Animal Services at 813-929-1212, ext. 1418.

Barbie is a 9-year-old lap kitty. [ Pasco County Animal Services ]

Pinellas — Copi

Copi is a 2-year-old, female mixed breed dog. She’s a bit shy at first, but she quickly comes out of her shell. She loves playing with other dogs and humans. Copi is spayed, vaccinated

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Kei Ju Farm owner charged with caring for wildlife without permit, animals killed by DNR | Charlevoix

PETOSKEY — The Department of Natural Resources killed six animals as part of its enforcement on a warrant at an Emmet County farm, known as an animal rescue operation.

State officials cited the farm for not being licensed to rehabilitate wild animals.

Kei Ju Farm, located in Petoskey, is widely known for its open-door policy for both community members and animals. This year, the DNR received a complaint about owner, Julie Hall, rehabilitating wild animals on the farm. The farm is not a Michigan Licensed Rehabilitation facility.

Lt. Jim Gorno of the District 3 division of the DNR, said a

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Greg Bird, “best high school hitter in Colorado,” trying to resurrect career with Rockies

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — Kevin Gausman has a prediction about Greg Bird, his buddy, and former Grandview High School teammate.

“If he’s healthy, he’s definitely going to help the Rockies, because he’s a great left-handed hitter,” the San Francisco Giants starting pitcher said. “I feel pretty confident in saying that his power is going to play pretty well in Colorado.

“I could definitely see him hitting some balls where Todd Helton used to, way up into the right-field seats at Coors Field. And I hope he does. I just hope it’s not against us.”

The idea of Bird playing first base

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Netflix’s ‘Canine Intervention’ features Oakland dog trainer to the stars

I’m just minutes into a video chat with Oakland-raised dog trainer Jas Leverette, when I hear my two dogs — a floor away, I should mention — start barking their heads off.

It could be a delivery person, or maybe someone walking by the house chatting on the phone, but whatever set them off already has me feeling sheepish.

Leverette is explaining his Netflix show, “Canine Intervention,” which showcases his training methods with dogs of all sorts of sizes and temperaments, and here I am with my own lovable boys in the next room, doing what they do best —

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Pets of the week: Two sweet cats and a puppy need new homes

JACKSON, MI — The Jackson County Animal Shelter, 3770 Spring Arbor Road, has many pets available for adoption.

Here are three of them.

Ivan and Rocky are 8-year-old male cats who came to the shelter from the same home and have been together their whole lives. Their owner was no longer able to care for them but left a letter about how they were the ‘love of her life.’ Ivan is charcoal grey and Rocky is a buff color. Both boys have green eyes and have been indoor cats.

Uno is a 9-month-old male Staffordshire mix who is mostly white

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Wisconsin hunters exceed wolf target by nearly 100 animals | National News

FILE – This July 16, 2004, file photo, shows a gray wolf at the Wildlife Science Center in Forest Lake, Minn. Wisconsin wildlife officials opened an abbreviated wolf season Monday, Feb. 22, 2021, complying with a court order to start the hunt immediately rather than wait until November. The hunt will run through Sunday, Feb. 28 across six management zones.

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Wisconsin hunters and trappers killed nearly double the number of wolves that the state allotted for a weeklong season, and they did it so quickly that officials ended the

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Witness shares video of attack on Lady Gaga’s dog walker

Video of a violent robbery in which two men shot Lady Gaga’s dog walker and stole two of her purebred French bulldogs in Hollywood on Wednesday night shows a swift attack in which the animals were clearly the target of the robbers — corroborating an eyewitness account from the camera’s owner.

“They had a motive, and they didn’t care,” said Carlos Pantoja, 29, who said he witnessed the shooting from his porch before calling 911 and comforting the dog walker, Ryan Fischer, on the street.

In the video, one of the assailants shouts “Give it up” as the pair jumped

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