May 9, 2021
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Lynn left me no room in race-ending Formula E crash

Bird and Lynn were fighting for sixth position in the early stages of the Riyadh race when the Jaguar driver made a lunge going into the Turn 1 left-hander, only for Lynn to block him into the inside wall.

Lynn spun backwards into the barriers following their initial contact and was then collected again by Bird’s Jaguar, with both cars sustaining heavy damage in the incident. Lynn was forced to park his Mahindra a few corners later, necessitating a safety car, while Bird also retired later in the race after having a new nose fitted in the pits.

The stewards

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Lady Gaga’s dogs recovered, but mystery only deepens about the violent theft

Pop star and Emmy Award-winning actress Lady Gaga in 2018. (Los Angeles Times)

A woman returned Lady Gaga’s stolen dogs to the Los Angeles Police Department on Friday, but the mystery over their kidnapping and the shooting of their dog walker only intensified.

The dogs were stolen in a brazen, violent attack in Hollywood. At 9:40 p.m. Wednesday, two men leapt out of a white sedan in the 1500 block of North Sierra Bonita Avenue and demanded that Gaga’s dog walker, Ryan Fischer, hand over the musician’s three French bulldogs. As Fischer struggled with the robbers, one of them

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LA dog has turned into a scaredy-cat during the pandemic

DEAR JOAN: My dog, Autumn, has become a scaredy-cat since the pandemic. Early fireworks, darkness of the evening hours — and now she will not complete a circuit around our favorite block.

I am afraid when we all go back to work and school, she will be a wreck to stay home alone. What can I do to build her confidence back?

Lawrence, Woodland Hills

DEAR LAWRENCE: Researchers have confirmed what we pet lovers had been noticing in our animals during this long pandemic. Many have had changes in their personalities and some, like your Autumn, seem to have developed

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22 Truly Low-Maintenance Pets Because a Dog Is Out of the Question

Getting a pet is a simple way to add a different dynamic to your home. But when you have roommates, kids in the family or work long hours, caring for a pet is not easy. Cue: low-maintenance pets. They of course need and deserve the same amount of TLC you’d give Fido, but these animals can be left to their own devices without (too many) worries. Check out this selection of 22 low-maintenance pets that are oh-so-easy to take care of.

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The very essence of

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Lady Gaga’s dogs returned unharmed

Lady Gaga’s stolen dogs were turned in unharmed Friday night, the Los Angeles Police Department said.

A woman brought the dogs into the LAPD’s Olympic station in Koreatown on Friday night, police confirmed. The Associated Press first reported their return.

Lady Gaga dog Koji in New York, on May 12, 2015.zz / KGC-146/STAR MAX/IPx file

“The woman found the dogs and reached out to Lady Gaga’s staff to return them,” the LAPD said in a statement. “The woman’s identity and the location the dogs were found will remain confidential due to the active criminal investigation and for her safety.”

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Can Cats See Ghosts? | POPSUGAR Pets

When my sister first brought home our rescue cat, he stared into space for what seemed like the entire night, and I don’t think he slept for a single minute. Considering that Sesame is a black cat, I was convinced that this was definitive proof that my sister’s apartment was haunted. But as it turned out, Sesame’s behavior was completely explainable — and is actually very common. According to two vets, Dr. Carlos Gutiérrez, DVM, a small animal specialist, and Wendy Zimmerman, DVM, CVA, CCRP, the associate veterinarian at RAU Animal Hospital, there are four main reasons cats stare off

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