May 9, 2021
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Hawaii lawmakers to consider bill that would make sex with animals illegal

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Alternative model for bird flu containment gets court review

“Oh give me land, lots of lands, and the starry skies above. Don’t fence me in…”

The Humane Society of the United States, Mercy for Animals, and Farm Sanctuary are getting the U.S. District Court for Central California to review their plan for combatting bird flu. It involves lots of land.

The USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) and Veterinary Services moved to dismiss the bird flue lawsuit filed a year ago. That does not mean the plaintiffs have won, but it does mean they will get their plan reviewed by the judge.

They claim that APHIS rewards

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Dog-Bite Victim Describes Vicious Attack at Singer-Rapper Chris Brown’s Home

The large Caucasian Shepherd kept on the property ripped the woman’s face and arm as she bent over to empty a vacuum cleaner in the yard, where she was unaware the dog was loose. 

The report also revealed a prior investigation of a complaint was conducted by the Permit and Animal Cruelty Unit of Los Angeles Animal Services, which “involved two Pit Bulls, ‘Shade’—a 9 year old Blue Pit Bull—and ‘Bosquiot’—a 9 year old Pit Bull.”    

The report also states there is no current license for the dog which attacked the housekeeper.  

This appears to complete the

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Cameras, GPS collars, and more

Perhaps we love our pets a little too much, but we don’t care. We are all about giving our good doggos and pretty kitties the absolute best in life, and bringing you news on devices that can help you do the same.

We’ve introduced you to a and . But what you may not have known is that there is an entire world of pet tech out there.

Have you ever thought about getting your pooch an automatic ball launcher for when you’re too exhausted to play fetch? What about swapping out your feline’s watering bowl for a premium

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Proposal naming Indiana-grown popcorn as the official state snack headed to governor’s desk | Government and Politics

Name: Martin Weingarten

City/Town: Carmel

Age: 100

Died: April 16

Martin Weingarten was born amid the Spanish flu, during the most severe pandemic in recent history, the son of two candy shop owners in Austria.

He would grow into a curious and anxious teenager who would watch from his family’s fourth floor apartment as the Nazis brutally beat his Jewish neighbors on the sidewalks of Vienna.

Weingarten escaped and spent a glorious 80 years in the United States, first in New York working for his uncle and then at a U.S. Air Force base. Then in Maryland, as an employee

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Hospital security: K9 program at Geisinger | Lifestyles

DANVILLE – Visitors to Geisinger Medical Center might notice a new security officer roaming the halls. She’s unarmed, but her sense of smell, keen hearing and constant alertness makes her a valued addition to Security Services.

K9 Aria is Geisinger’s first security dog.

“K9 Aria is from Czechoslovakia,” said Vicki Housner, lead security supervisor at Geisinger Medical Center and Aria’s handler. “She is a German shepherd and will be two years old in April. I received my training with Aria at Shallow Creek Kennel, having spent six weeks at their location in Sharpsville, Pennsylvania.”

Housner and Aria can respond to

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