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Snow day for pets in Colorado

Some people in the Denver metro saw a foot of snow. Many local dogs, a cat and even a pig came out to play.

COLORADO, USA — The strongest snowstorm Colorado has seen all season long blew through Wednesday night. 

Those in the Denver metro area had up to a foot of fresh snow drop on their lawns overnight, piquing the interest of some pets around the state.  

Many viewers captured videos of their pets as they spent time playing in the snow Thursday. 

Here are a few of the videos.

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This is

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White House pets, from adorable to very weird

Stephanie Gomez Carter/Delaware Humane Association/Bettman/Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images

During his one-term presidency, Donald Trump bucked any number of traditions, including the presence of a White House pet. Most presidents over the years have brought one or more animals into the White House. In fact, James Polk and Donald Trump are the only presidents to never have a First Pet.

In contrast, Joe and Jill Biden have brought two German shepherds to Washington. One of them, Major, is credited as the first White House rescue dog in American history.

Since 1999, The Presidential Pet Museum has kept a record of the diverse

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Pet Adoption In The Joliet Area: See New Dogs, Cats

Want to add a new member to your family and make a positive impact on the Joliet community at the same time? Maybe it’s time to adopt a pet! During the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, many animal shelters in and around Joliet are still working to find forever homes for dozens of cats, dogs and other adorable critters coming through.

Across Illinois, there are thousands of dogs, cats and other animals of all ages, sizes and breeds without a home — and many of them are located in your area. For those looking to adopt, a great place to begin the

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Giving supplements to pets to ward off COVID? Don’t bother

The COVID-19 pandemic has sparked a boom in consumption of dietary supplements, with one recent report estimating 12% growth in sales last year.

The fact that many people are turning to these largely unregulated products during such perilous times is one thing.

That a growing number are similarly giving them to their dogs and cats is something else.

A recent study found that sales of pet supplements soared 21% last year to nearly $800 million. Prior to the pandemic, annual sales growth was no more than 5%.

The study found that almost half of pet owners “are paying closer attention

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Tampa Bay area pets looking for forever homes

Pasco — Barbie

Barbie is a 9-year-old, female cat. She’s very petite, sweet and loves to be petted. It doesn’t matter what activity you’re doing, she’s content to curl up at your side and purr. If you’d like to meet her, call the Pasco County Animal Services at 813-929-1212, ext. 1418.

Barbie is a 9-year-old lap kitty. [ Pasco County Animal Services ]

Pinellas — Copi

Copi is a 2-year-old, female mixed breed dog. She’s a bit shy at first, but she quickly comes out of her shell. She loves playing with other dogs and humans. Copi is spayed, vaccinated

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FWC approves ban on keeping invasive species as pets


In an attempt to save our ecosystem, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has banned 16 non-native reptiles, including some pythons and iguanas, from being sold and kept as pets.

These invasive species are taking a toll on Southwest Florida’s environment, and the agency is trying to stop the damage those species are causing.

The Everglades is part of what makes Florida unique, but we know that Burmese pythons are killing native creatures and plant life. The reptiles are part of the reason that more than 20% of mammals in the Everglades are gone.


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