May 9, 2021

Farhan Abbas

911 Dispatcher’s Paintings Of Pets Becomes Popular Small Business – CBS Boston

WATERTOWN (CBS) – When the pandemic began, Leah Pappalardo figured she might need to find a hobby.

Never did she imagine the one she chose would explode into a popular small business.

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Leah is a 911 dispatcher by day, working for Massachusetts State 911 Department. By night, she is now a painter. And she specializes in pets.

“Working in a stressful environment as a 911 dispatcher, it’s very exciting to come home and put a smile on somebody else’s face,” she told WBZ-TV from her apartment painting studio.

Leah Pappalardo.

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‘Looking for a flamingo?’: bird trafficking in Iraq – in pictures | Environment

“Is it flamingos you’re looking for? Come to my place after 1pm,” whispers Mustafa Ahmed Ali from inside his small shop, which is buzzing with bird sounds of all kinds. He has been selling birds – wild and bred – at the bird market in Amara, in Iraq’s Maysan province, for more than 30 years.

Bird poaching can be a lucrative business in Maysan, which is located between the Ahwar marshes – a Unesco world heritage site – and the border with Iran, putting it at the forefront of bird trafficking. The region is a poor one and the illegal

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Michigan woman charged with caring for wildlife without permit, animals killed by state officials – FOX13 News Memphis

PETOSKY, Mich. — Michigan wildlife officials charged a woman for taking care of wildlife without a permit then seized six animals from her refuge and killed them.

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Department of Natural Resources Lt. Jim Gorno said Kei Ju Farm owner Julie Hall was first warned about a year ago, the Petoskey New reported.

“What happens is the wildlife is raised, sometimes if you let it go, they become a nuisance or even a disease issue here. Last fall, or a year and a half ago, there was a tamed whitetail buck that was in the

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Removal of bird feeders and birdbaths recommended to stop spread of salmonellosis – San Bernardino Sun

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife is asking the public’s help to stop the spread of salmonellosis among songbirds by removing seed feeders until after spring migration.

Pine siskins, which are winter visitors to Southern California, are most affected by the disease followed by a smaller number of lesser and American goldfinches.

The disease was first reported in California’s Central Coast, the San Francisco Bay Area and the Sierra Nevada communities.

“We have been receiving reports of suspected Salmonellosis recently from Southern California,” said CDFW’s Krysta Rogers, senior environmental scientist and avian specialist, via email. “Sick birds often act

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Connected pet collar company Fi raises a $30M Series B – TechCrunch

Pet tech company Fi today announced that it has raised a $30 million Series B. The round, led by Chuck Murphy of Longview Asset Management, follows a $7 million Series A raised back in 2019. The round values the startup at north of $200 million.

The New York-based startup specializes in connected dog collars, releasing its Series 2 device late last year. The second-gen version of the product brings some key hardware improvements to the pet tracking device, including battery optimization that gives up to three months of life on a charge (with an average of around 1.5, according to

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Missing Cat Finds His Way Back To Long Island Home After Being Lost For Weeks During Snow Storms, Freezing Weather – CBS New York

SOUTHOLD, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — A cat on Long Island’s North Fork managed to find its way home after being lost for weeks during February’s snow storms.

After almost three weeks of searching, John and Carol Forestieri, of Southold, were fearful.

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“It was futile, at least at that point. Ice storms, snow storms, rain, cold, bitter,” John said.

Buddy, their cat of 10 years, had gone in for minor surgery Feb. 8, and when John was placing the cage back in the car…

“The door was

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