The Utah Senate voted unanimously Tuesday in favor of a bill that would end gas chamber euthanasia for animals in the state.

The Utah Senate voted unanimously Tuesday in favor of a bill that would end gas chamber euthanasia for animals in the state, while a second proposal relating to animal welfare — this one to ban “puppy mills” that opponents say sell poorly-treated pets — stalled in a House committee.

Utah is one of only four states where some animal shelters are still using gas chamber euthanasia, while the vast majority have moved toward injections that experts say are cheaper, less painful for animals and safer for employees.

SB237, sponsored by Sen. David Hinkins, R-Orangeville, would “abolish the gas chambers”

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Michigan Farmer Rescued Injured Animals Without the Proper Permits. State Officials Have Charged Her With a Misdemeanor and Euthanized the Animals.

For years, Julie Hall has been running a small animal rescue operation without incident on her farm in the northern Michigan town of Petoskey.

That ended in late January when state wildlife officials showed up at her door in response to a complaint that she was taking in animals without the proper permits. Hall has since been charged with a misdemeanor, and six of her animals, including a blind raccoon and a one-legged crow, were confiscated and euthanized by the state.

“I truly did not know I was breaking the law because I had done this all my life, as

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Animals fake death for long periods to escape predators

European antlion (Euroleon nostras) on its dorsal side playing dead. Credit: Nigel R. Franks

Many animals feign death to try to escape their predators, with some individuals in prey species remaining motionless, if in danger, for extended lengths of time.

Charles Darwin recorded a beetle that remained stationary for 23 minutes—however the University of Bristol has documented an individual antlion larvae pretending to be dead for an astonishing 61 minutes. Of equal importance, the amount of time that an individual remains motionless is not only long but unpredictable. This means that a predator will be unable to predict when a

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Dog groomer facing animal cruelty charge following video posted on social media | News

A Genesee County dog groomer is facing an animal cruelty charge following an animal abuse investigation.

The groomer was arrested on one count of animal cruelty, which carries a maximum penalty of 93 days in jail.

The Genesee County Sheriff’s Office is investigating after an old video surfaced of a groomer being rough with a dog.

A video last month sparked outrage across social media and led to the arrest of a pet groomer in Burton.

The man works at Family Pet grooming and daycare and according to Genesee County Sheriff Chris Swanson, he has taken steps to

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West Mifflin nonprofit travels to Texas to help animals in need

When Walter Schwarz and Dave Stash received a call from the Pittsburgh Aviation Animal Rescue Team for a mission to Houston, Texas, they didn’t think twice about going.

By Friday, the duo had packed a suitcase within 24 hours of learning of the mission that would send them driving to Texas to rescue animals from local shelters as the city grapples with devastation after subfreezing temperatures, snow and ice caused widespread power outages across the state earlier this month.

That devastation

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Systemic animal abuse in ag demands a new approach

I’m currently facing a felony prosecution in Wright County after exposing Iowa Select Farms killing thousands of pigs via “ventilation shutdown,” which involves shutting down a building’s vents as heat and steam are pumped in. The practice was so egregious that employees at the company sought the support of Direct Action Everywhere, the animal rights group I organize with, in exposing and ultimately stopping it.

As recently reported by the Intercept, a high-level executive at the company was fired for raising his concerns, and FBI agents were called in to try to flip a whistleblower into becoming an

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