Cocky Tale: Bird Kills Owner At Illegal Fight

It was a big day for Thangulla Satish, a 45-year-old farmer from Lothunur village in India’s southern state of Telangana. He had toiled hard and prepared his rooster to win the upcoming cockfight championship for him.

The Supreme Court of India had upheld the ban and use of knives or blades for such games as well as gambling in January 2018. Satish was still party to organizing the event that involved knives, as well as gambling.

But his rooster wasn’t ready for the game. As the match began, it tried to escape the fight ring and accidentally impaled the owner

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State officials: Keep bird feeders down for another month

Keep those bird feeders down for a while longer, the state Department of Fish and Wildlife requests.

Continued reports of sick or dead birds at backyard feeders across Washington and other states are prompting officials to recommend discontinuing backyard bird feeling until at least April 1, or take extra steps to maintain them.

The department asked residents to remove or clean feeders in February in response to a die-off of finches, such as pine siskins, as well as other songbirds due to salmonellosis, a common and usually fatal bird disease apparently brought into the U.S. by migrating birds from Canada.

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Sue Bird’s return for 20th year in Seattle is the perfect time to salute her greatness on and off court |

To think, the Storm could have lost the WNBA draft lottery after finishing tied with three other teams — the Detroit Shock, the Washington Mystics, and the Indiana Fever — for the worst record in the 2002 season.

Under previous rules, in fact, the Mystics would have been handed No. 1 by virtue of a tiebreaking formula the league decided to discontinue. What a legacy changer that would have been.

Or the Storm could have traded the No. 1 overall pick, as coach/general manager Lin Dunn seriously contemplated, or used the selection on Oklahoma guard Stacey Dales-Schuman, as The Seattle

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This Bird Wasn’t Seen for 170 Years. Then It Appeared in an Indonesian Forest.

What might be Asia’s longest-missing bird just came out of hiding. For the first time in 170 years, researchers reported last week that a black-browed babbler has been found in Indonesia. The discovery of the muted black, gray and chestnut-brown bird solves what an authoritative birding guide describes as “one of the great enigmas of Indonesian ornithology.”

“When we actually got confirmation of the identification, I did a little prayer and bowed down to celebrate,” said Panji Gusti Akbar, an ornithologist and lead author of the paper describing the new species. “I felt excitement, disbelief and a lot of happiness.”

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Connecting Bird-watchers With Shade-grown Coffee

Coffee for the Birds: Connecting Bird-watchers With Shade-grown Coffee

Since 1970, bird populations in North America have declined by approximately 2.9 billion birds, a loss of more than one in four birds. Factors in this decline include habitat loss and ecosystem degradation from human actions on the landscape.

J. Nicolas Hernandez-Aguilera (right) on a tour of a shade-grown coffee farm in the Gedeo Zone, Ethiopia. Credit: Wendwesen Temesgen Jena

At the same time, enthusiasm for bird-watching has grown, with more than 45 million recreational participants in the United States alone. Now, researchers are looking into how to mobilize these

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Blue Bird, Peach Schools work to develop new certificate program

Advanced automotive high school students can take a course specializing in the maintenance and manufacturing of Blue Bird buses, which could lead to a job.

PEACH COUNTY, Ga. — The Peach County School District is teaming up with Blue Bird to provide a technical certificate program for students in bus maintenance and manufacturing jobs.

“We have been developing the technician certification itself for the better part of a year and a half,” said Blue Bird Learning Technology Supervisor, Nathan Bateman.

Bateman used to be a teacher, and helped create the one-year course on bus maintenance and manufacturing.

“It’s over 30

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