May 9, 2021
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Arrests Made in Lady Gaga Dognapping Incident: LAPD

  • Arrests have been made in connection with a February dognapping incident involving Lady Gaga’s dogs, LAPD says.
  • Five people, including four documented gang members, were arrested and charged in connection with the crime.
  • Gaga got her dogs back unharmed, but the 50-year-old woman who “found” them was one of the five arrested.
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Five people have been arrested in connection with the February theft of Lady Gaga’s French bulldogs that left the singer’s dog walker shot and injured, the Los Angeles Police Department told KABC on Thursday.

The dognapping incident happened on February 24. Security

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The Crowne Plaza has enlisted the help of security with dogs

SECURITY guards with dogs have been enlisted to help at a Basingstoke hotel, thought to be there to help to help manage a “drunk and abusive” group staying a second night.

As previously reported, police were called to The Crowne Plaza last night to a “large group gathering”.

However, Hampshire Constabulary said the group had dispersed by the time police arrived and therefore no enforcement action was taken.

It is understood the group is staying at the hotel in Old Common Road for a second night tonight.

When the Gazette went there this evening, a dog unit van was parked

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Pasco School Board to increase meeting security

Anyone planning to attend upcoming Pasco County School Board meetings should prepare to encounter more security than in the past.

The school district expects to have a larger contingent of sheriff’s deputies, who will check visitors’ bags and use a metal-detecting wand on them before they enter the Land O’Lakes meeting chambers.

“We’re going to make it as convenient as possible, to not slow people down,” district spokesman Steve Hegarty said. “But we also have a right to make sure people don’t come in with weapons.”

The district’s new safety officer, Mike Baumaister, had been working on a series of

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Mysterious health attacks like those seen in Cuba have come to DC

Enlarge / The White House, the South Lawn, and part of the Ellipse are seen from the observation deck of the Washington Monument on October 1, 2014, in Washington, DC.

At least two US government officials in the Washington, DC, area have experienced mysterious health incidents that are strikingly similar to the brain-damaging “health attacks” that plagued US diplomats in Cuba beginning in 2016.

Last November, a National Security Council official reported being sickened while near the Ellipse, the White House’s large, oval-shaped southern lawn, according to a report by CNN. In a separate 2019 incident, a White House

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Caught on Camera: Men Stab Dog 18 Times in Mexico

A dog named Negro survived a horrific April 18 attack—two residents of the neighborhood of Jardines de Castalia in the county of Zumpango in Mexico are accused of having stabbed the dog 18 times. The suspects, who have been identified as a local father-son duo, also allegedly stabbed two security guards who were trying to protect Negro. The alarming incident was caught on camera and posted to Twitter, leaving folks—including PETA Latino, which is calling for urgent and decisive action—outraged.

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Video Shows Sacramento Police Witness Emotional Reunion as Stolen Dog Is Returned to Owner

Sacramento Police shared a video of the moment a woman was reunited with her missing dog on Wednesday.

According to the Sacramento Police Department, Rubi Rose was reported stolen from her owner Amanda Duhaime’s front yard in Sacramento, California, over past the weekend.

SPD Detective Marcel Loriaux took the case and began investigating immediately. He located the suspect’s car and found the dog inside on Wednesday. The suspect is in custody for theft-related charges, according to a Facebook post from the SPD.

The police department post Rubi Rose as a “sweet girl.”

“Most importantly,” the post read, “Rubi was reunited

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