May 9, 2021
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COVID in the Legislature, pot for pets, cuts to tobacco prevention and revisiting welfare reform

Behind the Bar is The Nevada Independent’s newsletter devoted to comprehensive and accessible coverage of the 2021 Legislature. 

In this edition: A positive COVID test comes right as the mass vaccination campaign inside the building begins. Plus, details on the “pot for pets” bill, ending a 90s-era ban on people with drug charges from accessing state welfare programs, and concerns over cuts to tobacco prevention funding. And, the return of fan-favorite feature “Carson City Restaurant Spotlight.”

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I want to hear from you! Questions,

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PETA says people shouldn’t call their animals ‘Pets’

If you’re calling your animals at home “Pets,” you might be surprised to hear that PETA is now advising against it.

They recently put out a statement saying calling our animals “Pets” is derogatory, and somewhat demeaning.
Ashley Byrne, Associate Director at PETA, tells us it’s time to change how we think about our animals.

Words like pet and owner indicate a relationship where an animal is more of an object.
Where an animal is owned instead of being a companion and part of the family.
We’re talking about a different kind of relationship instead of treating animals like objects,”

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Pet tiger rescued during Texas freeze is rehomed in sanctuary

An anonymous call was made to police in San Antonio, Texas during the recent winter storm, informing them a tiger may need rescuing.

When they arrived, the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office found a six-month-old tigress. Wearing a harness and underfed, it was clear she was being kept as a pet, which is illegal in the county.

“When [deputies] came out on the scene, they found this beautiful young lady in temperatures that weren’t suitable for her, and actually in living conditions that weren’t suitable for her either,” says Sheriff Javier Salazar.

Her rescuers decided to name her Elsa, after the

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‘Dog Whisperer’ Cesar Millan discusses how coronavirus lockdowns are impacting pets

While the coronavirus pandemic has impacted us all, celebrity dog trainer Cesar Millan is revealing the effect lockdowns have had on our beloved pets and what people can do to help.

Appearing on “Varney & Co.” on Monday, the “Dog Whisperer” discussed how the COVID-19 pandemic has been taking its toll on pets and noted that animals are “not meant to be behind walls 24 hours a day.”

“In order for a dog to adapt

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No Man’s Sky’s new pets are already causing chaos

I climbed a mountain covered with beautiful blue-green grass, and stood next to another figure in a spacesuit. We both looked adoringly at the big green egg in front of us, which was due to hatch. I was immediately disoriented when the big baby emerged, his head crest caught me, and I was thrown into the sky and straight off the mountain.

No Man’s Sky has pets now, thanks to the recent Companions patch, and I witnessed the hatching of a player’s pet. Nirwana SAO is a long-time No Man’s Sky builder and content creator, and she received the egg

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