May 9, 2021
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Interfering with wild animals does more harm than good | Free

As people head outdoors this season to enjoy the sunshine and warmer weather, they might encounter a variety of newborn animals. Young wildlife can pull on people’s heartstrings as they appear to be abandoned, but that’s usually not the case. The Missouri Department of Conservation reminds the public that interfering with wildlife can do more harm than good.

“Young animals are rarely orphaned,” said Sherri Russell, MDC state wildlife veterinarian. “If the young is left alone, the parent will usually return. Parents are normally out searching for food and cannot constantly attend to their offspring.”

Baby birds are a common

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OK TO THE RESCUE: Bill designated rescue animals as official state pet, but advocates say more needs to be done | News

Local animal advocates are standing behind a recently passed bill that designated rescue animals as Oklahoma’s state pet, but some say more needs to be done about abandoned pets.

OK Gov. Kevin Stitt signed Cali’s Law, House Bill 1816, on April 27. The bill is a revision of one that passed the House in 2020, but was set aside due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

State Rep. Mark McBride adopted his Catahoula mix, Cali, from the Moore Animal Shelter. His dog was the inspiration for the bill. McBride said the goal is to help spread the word for other Oklahomans to

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Fire kills petting zoo animals in Alabama | State

GADSDEN, Ala. (AP) — A spokesperson for an Alabama city says about 75 animals died after a fire at a petting zoo.

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Americans love cats and dogs. Other animals? It’s complicated.

How can you love some animals but eat others?

It’s a question posed frequently by vegan activists, often accompanied by a picture of a cute dog or cat juxtaposed with an equally adorable pig or cow.

Yet, as compelling as the argument may be to activists, the meat-heavy diet of most Americans reveals that the public remains untroubled by the question. Or, as one popular meme argues in response, “Because one is a friend and one is bacon.”

Despite Americans’ food preferences, most of us like to think of ourselves as animal lovers — there’s about one cat or

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Because, Animals adds pumpkin flavor to nutritional yeast dog treat portfolio

CHICAGO — Because, Animals has added a new pumpkin flavor to its line of Noochies plant-based dog cookies. It also announced a new retail-ready packaging design optimized for e-commerce.

Pumpkin Noochies+ are formulated with nutritional yeast — which the company calls “nooch” — pumpkin, beta glucan to boost immune system health, Vermont maple syrup, cinnamon, ancient grains, coconut oil and applesauce.

All the ingredients included in Because, Animals’ Noochies line, first launched in December 2019, are selected to provide nutritional and wellness benefits. Pumpkin serves as a source of soluble fiber to support digestion, while beta glucans can support immunity,

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Texas House approves bill banning sale of animals from puppy mills

In promising news for animals, the Texas House of Representatives approved a bill that would make it illegal in the state of Texas for pet stores to sell animals from puppy mills.

Similar bans have already been enacted by more than 370 localities and three states; that includes six municipalities in Texas: Austin, San Antonio, Fort Worth, The Colony, El Paso, and Waco. This would make it state-wide.

The bill also requires that pet stores maintain records on where they obtained each animal for at least a year, and to post the name of the source in

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