May 9, 2021
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Wisconsin DNR shares ways residents can help birds across the state

(WFRV) – The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is encouraging bird-watching enthusiasts to enjoy the miracle of migration and take some simple steps to help their fine-feathered friends.

“Millions of birds will be passing through Wisconsin in May, coming from as far away as Argentina and going as far as Alaska and the Arctic Ocean,” said Craig Thompson, DNR Program Integration Section Chief. “It’s nothing short of a miracle, and a great opportunity for people to get out to their local parks, state parks or

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Backyard is going to the birds and that’s OK

My wife and I built a great patio space last year in the backyard and if the weather is below 90 degrees and my chores are done, I can usually be found hanging around out there. I really enjoy watching the birds in the yard.

Adjacent to the new patio, I have strategically placed three bird feeders far enough away where my feathered friends will not spook from me loitering but close enough to where I can identify them easily without binoculars.

My feeders are ones that I made in my woodshop that will hold enough food to block the

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Like the birds, work for a happy ending

Something’s usually falling from the Liquid Amber in our yard: leaves, pollen, prickle balls … and recently a baby finch my family named Gary. Bright yellow and smaller than my thumb, Gary caught my eye when he landed on the lawn and flailed about, apparently too young to fly. Google advised we “rehab a finch” by placing him in a box affixed to the tree. That done, we waited and watched. Sure enough Mama Finch came buzzing around, but Gary didn’t leave his box. By sundown Mama had disappeared, and Gary hadn’t moved. Afraid he wouldn’t survive the night we

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Look to birds’ health for state of our environment

Nearly 50 years ago the well-known bird biologist and artist Roger Tory Peterson told our University of Minnesota Lake Itasca biology session field ornithology class that birds are the litmus paper of our environment.

What he meant was healthy birds with steady population numbers depend upon clean air and water, soil free of pollution, and healthy habitats. So do we humans.

As of September 2019, scientific studies showed that the number of wild birds in the United States and Canada had fallen by 29% since 1970. This is serious and should be a wake-up call. There are likely many causes

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Maui Is No Longer Safe For Hawaii’s Endangered Birds, Biologists Say

Mosquitoes have eliminated the last safe place for endangered forest birds on Maui, and the only solution may require releasing millions more mosquitoes.

Climate change has made once-uninhabitable higher altitudes now amenable to mosquitoes that infect the kiwikiu, or Maui parrotbill, with avian malaria at greater rates. Transmission of the disease has driven the bird population down to around 150, a number that places them at the edge of extinction, scientists said.

After a failed effort in 2019 to translocate kiwikiu from one side of Haleakala to the other avian malaria still killed the birds — conservationists and officials

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Audubon Soceity purposes “budget for birds (and people)”

A large impact can be made towards protecting Arizona’s land, water, and wildlife by diverting only 0.5% of the fund, Audubon Society and ASU researchers said.

ARIZONA, USA — There are three billion fewer birds across the United States than there were in the 1970s, according to researchers at the National Audubon Society.

This trend has been especially noticeable in Arizona as climate change and human development continue, as the state has a very fragile resident and migrant bird population, the society said. Other large portions of Arizona’s wildlife, vegetation, and water are also being placed at threat and will

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