May 9, 2021
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Bond Pet Foods Beefs Up Its Science Team | Colorado

BOULDER, Colo., May 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Bond Pet Foods has recruited Biotechnology industry leaders Dr. Tony Day and Dr. Mike Arbige to join the Boulder, Colorado company reimagining pet nutrition by developing pet food products made from meat protein that’s brewed instead of farmed. Bond’s transformative approach leverages microbial fermentation technology to produce chicken, turkey and beef proteins through a process that’s more sustainable and humane than its conventional counterparts.

Bond has tapped Day and Arbige to help accelerate the development of a cost-advantaged, precision fermentation process for its first ingredient a chicken meat protein that will

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Southern Colorado is home to some of the state’s best wildlife

Walking the tranquil paved paths at the Nature and Wildlife Discovery Center in Pueblo, it is not uncommon to see an osprey swiftly dive into the Arkansas River to catch a fish.

Lizards scamper and scurry across the cement trails, dodging oncoming cyclists.

Mule deer, often with fawns in the fall, can be seen munching on shrubs and grass while keeping a close on eye on passersby. 

Mallard ducks and ducklings take their daily swim in the cool waters of the river, while a crane uses its long legs to wade in shallow waters along the river’s banks.

All this

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6 Myths About Pet Allergies

(NewsUSA) – By gaining a better understanding of the allergies caused by pets, you may be able to find a healthier coexistence with your furry friend. According to The Humane Society, 62 percent of …

(NAPSI)—The National Center for Health Statistics estimates 4 million babies will be born this year. If you’re having one of them, congratulations. If that one is causing you morning sickness, …

(NAPSI)—If you ever have trouble seeing your way clear to getting your eyes checked, here’s a case to consider: Genida White could tell her vision was gradually getting worse,

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Colorado Parks and Wildlife to host guided bird-watching walks at Yampa River State Park

A Colorado Parks and Wildlife Ranger peers through binoculars in search of birds. (Courtesy Photo / Colorado Parks and Wildlife)

Eyeing a way to engage the community and provide an educational opportunity, Colorado Parks and Wildlife Ranger Tim Abt looks to the sky.

Abt will host a guided bird-watching walk starting at 9 a.m each Saturday in May at Yampa River State Park just outside of Hayden along U.S. Highway 40.

“I’ve been a pretty avid bird watcher my whole life,” Abt said. “This time of year you’re able to see so many species out here, so we’re at the

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Dr. Maggie Baldwin named Colorado State Veterinarian

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) -The Colorado Department of Agriculture is naming Dr. Maggie Baldwin Colorado’s state veterinarian.

She is making history as the first-ever female state veterinarian in Colorado.

As state veterinarian, Dr. Baldwin manages CDA’s Animal Health division through planning, directing and executing all programs, policies and cooperative agreements with other governmental agencies. She plans to prioritize the implementation of secure food supply and emergency response plans, enhancement of animal disease traceability, education, and strong stakeholder engagement.

“Time and again, Maggie has proved her mettle in crisis management, animal disease complexities, and excellence in service to the veterinary profession,”

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Colorado animal rights measure is really an attack on meat

A “sexual act on an animal” grossly misrepresents farm and ranch practices that assist animal reproduction or check on animal’s reproductive organs. This is the direct work of animal rights activists who want to destroy animal agriculture and the production of food animals.

The proposed initiative also requires cows, hogs and other livestock to live at least 25% of their natural lives before slaughter. The ballot measures define lifespans as 20 years for a cow, 15 for a pig, 8 for a chicken and 6 for a rabbit.

The proposed initiative was given the go-ahead in March to collect 124,632

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