May 9, 2021
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Conservative Group Alleges Vast Government Coverup Regarding Joe Biden’s Dogs

For the last several years, conservative group Judicial Watch, along with many a right-wing Republican, devoted countless hours in an attempt take down Joe and Hunter Biden for alleged crimes that took place abroad. Filing at least a dozen lawsuits and “dozens of Freedom of Information Act requests,” the organization, which spent years tormenting Bill and Hillary Clinton by “carpet-bomb[ing] the federal courts,” said as recently as last month that it was “working hard to get more information on the Biden Family scandals.” Unfortunately, thus far, their efforts have yielded little in the way of actual information implicating the president

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Return To ‘Normal’ Could Spell Anxiety For Dogs Left Alone. Here’s How To Help.

Routines are changing, as COVID-19 vaccinations become more widely available and public health restrictions gradually ease. People are ready to get back to pre-pandemic normal. But their pets might have a hard time adjusting to being alone again.

Bob Ryder is a dog trainer who owns Pawsitive Transformations in Bloomington. He said stay-at-home orders and school closures changed dogs’ daily lives—and they’ll feel the impact again as things reopen.

Pawsitive Transformations

Bob Ryder is a Bloomington-based dog trainer who owns Pawsitive Transformations.

“Dogs are likely to experience, from their perspective, sudden changes or overwhelming changes to a routine that they’ve

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9 Best Supplements for Dogs 2021

You’ve become used to taking daily multivitamins, loading up on vitamin C when you’re feeling sick, and may have even reached for adaptogenic herbs at some point — why wouldn’t you do the same for your pet, right? After all, all pet owners want their fur babies to be as healthy as possible, to live a long, full, adventurous life at your side. But most dog owners only need to worry about additional supplements when a certain health risk makes itself known, explains Lindsey Bullen, DVM, ACVN, a board-certified veterinary nutritionist at BluePearl Pet Hospitals.

“If a pet

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The Crowne Plaza has enlisted the help of security with dogs

SECURITY guards with dogs have been enlisted to help at a Basingstoke hotel, thought to be there to help to help manage a “drunk and abusive” group staying a second night.

As previously reported, police were called to The Crowne Plaza last night to a “large group gathering”.

However, Hampshire Constabulary said the group had dispersed by the time police arrived and therefore no enforcement action was taken.

It is understood the group is staying at the hotel in Old Common Road for a second night tonight.

When the Gazette went there this evening, a dog unit van was parked

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South Dakota Supreme Court rules state law can be used to euthanize vicious dogs

PIERRE, S.D. — Two Sully County Labradors that attacked and killed a neighboring corgi-mix last year will be euthanized, after the South Dakota Supreme Court upheld a lower court’s ruling finding the animals to be “vicious” under state law.

Chief Justice Steven Jensen authored a unanimous opinion from the court, published on Thursday, April 29, that said the dog owners’ argument in court — that they’d not formally received a reprimand from the city prior to the February 2020 attack and therefore could not have their dogs put-down by the authorities under a city ordinance — did not preclude the

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Americans love cats and dogs. Other animals? It’s complicated.

How can you love some animals but eat others?

It’s a question posed frequently by vegan activists, often accompanied by a picture of a cute dog or cat juxtaposed with an equally adorable pig or cow.

Yet, as compelling as the argument may be to activists, the meat-heavy diet of most Americans reveals that the public remains untroubled by the question. Or, as one popular meme argues in response, “Because one is a friend and one is bacon.”

Despite Americans’ food preferences, most of us like to think of ourselves as animal lovers — there’s about one cat or

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