May 9, 2021
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Phillips Pet Food & Supplies Adds Side by Side to Portfolio

Press release: Phillips Pet Food & Supplies 

Phillips Pet Food & Supplies, a leading pet product distributor serving the independent pet channel, is excited to announce it will begin exclusive distribution of Side by Side in its Taunton, Pennsylvania, Lansing, Denver, Plant City and Sacramento distribution centers.

Side by Side uses sustainable, all natural, whole food ingredients and a gentle freeze drying or low energy cooking process to retain the natural nutrients in each of their recipes, treats and supplements. They use the time tested principles of food energetics founded in Eastern Food Therapy to curate recipes that offer cooling,

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How Pet Food Manufacturing Is Radically Evolving to Meet Demand for Sustainable Products | News

Eco-friendly. Sustainable. Organic. Once obscure, these terms have become mainstays as guideposts that influence where people shop and what they buy. But there’s another term that’s garnering the attention of both consumers and companies: regenerative agriculture.

“While the benefits of moving to regenerative agriculture practices are clear, awareness is just blossoming,” Karn Manhas, CEO and founder of global agtech company Terramera, said in an article published on Yahoo. “And this is precisely where advocates can borrow from the organic playbook. After all, even 25 years ago, ‘organic’ remained a niche distinction, understood and championed by a relative few. But

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Can’t find your pet’s favorite food? Some stores seeing shortages

WNY retailers say their stock is improving after supply chain issues and even bad weather caused shortages over the past few months.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — We love our pets and would do just about anything to make sure they are well taken care of, and for some, that might mean searching for their favorite food.

Recently, you may have noticed some online retailers are sold out and store shelves are empty, especially when it comes to cat food — more specifically wet cat food.

2 On Your Side reached out to the Pet Food Institute, a non-profit organization, as well

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Bobby Flay Is Launching a New Line of Cat Food

If you’re the type who knows everything about your favorite celebrity chefs, did you know that Bobby Flay is a serious cat person? According to new reports, his beloved Maine Coon cat has inspired Flay’s latest launch: A new pet food line called Made by Nacho.

Granted, Iron Chef fans have often seen Flay fire off dishes under the gun, but as Deadline reports, Made by Nacho was developed over a careful, two-year period of perfecting the recipes to ensure kitty customers would be pleased. It’s reported that Flay also developed the cat food in collaboration with Katja Lang, a

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Retail Therapy: White Castle serves fast food with style

It’s been another weird week in retail. White Castle is celebrating 100 years with a Telfar collab, Heinz and Ocean Spray might create a jar of gravy and cranberry mixture, and gourmet cat food Fancy Feast released a digital cookbook for humans.

This, and more, in this week’s retail therapy.

White Castle teams up with renowned fashion house Telfar

Want some fashion to go with your Original Sliders?

White Castle is serving you the outfit your eyes deserve.

As the fast-food chain celebrates its 100th birthday, White Castle employees will soon be sporting some new uniforms created by award-winning fashion

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Humane Pennsylvania gives out more than 400,000 pounds of pet food during the COVID pandemic | Local News

Humane Pennsylvania has donated over 400,000 pounds of pet food to pet owners in need in Berks, Lancaster and other counties since the coronavirus pandemic hit the region.

The animal welfare organization operates shelters, adoption centers and veterinary clinics in Reading and Lancaster.

Over 87,000 pounds of the donated food went directly to individuals with pets in the two cities served and over 312,000 pounds were given to other organizations for distribution in several Pennsylvania counties, according to a news release.

The individual donations were coordinated and distributed by Spike’s Pet Pantry as part of the Humane Pennsylvania’s Healthy Pets

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