May 9, 2021
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OK TO THE RESCUE: Bill designated rescue animals as official state pet, but advocates say more needs to be done | News

Local animal advocates are standing behind a recently passed bill that designated rescue animals as Oklahoma’s state pet, but some say more needs to be done about abandoned pets.

OK Gov. Kevin Stitt signed Cali’s Law, House Bill 1816, on April 27. The bill is a revision of one that passed the House in 2020, but was set aside due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

State Rep. Mark McBride adopted his Catahoula mix, Cali, from the Moore Animal Shelter. His dog was the inspiration for the bill. McBride said the goal is to help spread the word for other Oklahomans to

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Oklahoma state pet is now “rescue aniimals,” Governor Stitt says

During a flurry of bill-signings by Governor Kevin Stitt that have happened over the past week, the new Oklahoma state pet was officially established.

The new Oklahoma state pet is now the rather generic “rescue animals.”

This news was earlier reported by Tulsa TV station KJRH – 2 Works for You.

Because no specific animal was named in the bill, officially known as House Bill 1816 or more informally as Cali’s Law, any shelter animal that has been rescued would qualify, whether that be a dog or cat, or something a bit more exotic like birds, horses, or ferrets.

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Gov. Stitt signs bill naming rescue animals as Oklahoma state pet

OKLAHOMA CITY — Gov. Kevin Stitt signed a bill designating rescue animals as the Oklahoma state pet.

House Bill 1816, also known as Cali’s Law, is a revision of a bill that passed the House last year but was sidelined because of COVID-19, according to the Oklahoma House of Representatives.

Lawmakers said the measure doesn’t designate any one animal species as the state pet, so it can be a cat, dog, turtle or any number of animals. State Rep. Mark McBride said he’s even been asked if an elephant could be considered a rescue animal. He said, sure, as long

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Gov. Stitt signs bill naming rescue animals as Oklahoma’s state pet

A newly signed bill would designate rescue animals instead of a specific animal as Oklahoma’s new state pet.Gov. Kevin Stitt recently signed House Bill 1816, also called Cali’s Law, into law. The measure was inspired by state Rep. Mark McBride’s rescue dog Cali, an 80-pound Catahoula mix that was adopted from the Moore Animal Shelter.Cali’s Law, which is a revision of a bill that passed the House of Representatives in 2020 before the COVID-19 pandemic shortened Oklahoma’s legislative session, doesn’t designate any one animal species as the state pet. So, it can be a cat, dog, turtle or any number … Read More

Former nun helps rescue more than 6,000 local animals

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — A Wichita State University faculty member and former nun has hit an animal rescue milestone, saving or rehoming more than 6,000 pets.

“All you can help is the things you come across in your life, and we have done a lot,” said Pat Morriss.

Morriss, 65, is the owner of Hallmark Kennel and Lifeline Animal Placement and Protection, Inc., a no-kill nonprofit.

Pat Morriss answers a rescue call.

She opened the animal rescue in 1996 after moving to Kansas from a California convent and beginning her career at WSU.

“I had stray animals, and I

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Kentucky animal rescue volunteers work to fight growing problem of abuse and neglect

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – “The last six months, we’ve seen cases we haven’t seen at all. And they’re extreme,” said acting President of Paws 4 The Cause, Anita Spreitzer.

From abandoned pets, dogs found riddled with pellets, blanks and sometimes worse….to cases like Jersey’s.

“Very extreme starvation cases where dogs are coming in, at the point where they’re falling over and not being fed.”

A skinny dog who should weigh at least 60 pounds by now…

“He’s gained weight. When he first came in, you could see his hip bones and you could see all his ribs,” Spreitzer explained.


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