May 9, 2021
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Angela Aguilar gives style chair; Has the best cat eye to highlight the look

One of the young artists of the moment, characterized by imposing a course with him Style, Which is no doubt Angela Aguilar, Who has given more than once Chair Subtle and elegant with her looks and makeup, she is one of the most famous women to wear Cat’s eye In order Highlight your look.

Pepe Aguilar’s youngest daughter is currently playing the horns of the moon in her music career because the song “In In Reality” composed by singer Ana Barbara has been well received by her fans and followers and topped the popular charts.

Aguilar, 17-year-old,

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Experience: I knit with pet hair | Life and style

I was born in the former Soviet Union, where my mother taught me to knit when I was very young. It was a skill every Russian woman had when I was growing up, because clothes were in short supply. After moving to Boston, Massachusetts, in the 1990s, I quickly fell out of the habit: why knit a cardigan you could easily pick up for $20 in a store?

It was adopting a cat that led to me taking it up again. I had always thought of myself as a dog person, but when I was offered a beautiful ragdoll cat

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Wag in Style in Cleona offers pet grooming, spa options

It may have been more than a year since you’ve gotten a spa experience, but it’s likely your pet may have never received one. You now have the opportunity to give them one at Cleona’s Wag in Style.

Located at 449 W. Penn Ave. in the Cleona Square Shopping Center, which also includes Anytime Fitness, China Moon Cleona, and Giant, the pet salon opened recently, and offers both traditional grooming alongside pricier and deluxe pampering.

Melissa Houser, the 28-year-old owner-operator of Wag in Style, grew up in Levittown and has been grooming animals for around 18 years.

She started with

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Don’t Worry About Style, Find Your Voice

Pixote Hunt’s career in animation spans over 40 years. He has had the opportunity be a director and art director on both feature films and shorts, yet he retains the same enthusiasm for the possibilities of the medium as when he first started.

Pixote Hunt

He is now sharing his knowledge with a new generation of artists at CAT Animation, an online school founded by Dave Kuhn and Dave Pruiksma. Hunt took time recently to sit down with the two Daves to discuss his passion for art direction and why it’s a crucial part of any production.

These days,

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What Is ‘Wild West Pimp Style’? And Are Texans Prepared?

It’s about to go off up in here.

Last week, as Texas legislators debated HB 1927 (the Texas Constitutional Carry bill), a new phrase was introduced that conjures up all kinds of images as to the types of people who would be flooding into our state, infiltrating our delicate way of life here in the Lone Star State.

Actually, perhaps we should let Texas State Representative Ann Johnson explain how fear would be struck into our hearts should this bill pass…


That’s right, Cowboy Pimps…I guess?

Well, this may NOT be totally representative of exactly who

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The Magazine That Invented Street Style

One of the most influential magazines most people have never heard of existed for the blink of a hair-covered eye in the Bay Area from 1970 to 1971.

The brainchild of a pair of editorial refugees from glossy-land and a Rolling Stone photographer, Rags was the first publication to identify street style as a discrete fashion sector and call out the establishment for trying to manufacture trends. You can draw a direct line from its birth to the work of Bill Cunningham (Rags had an “On the Street” photo section eight years before “On the Street” appeared in The New

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