May 9, 2021
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Video Shows Sacramento Police Witness Emotional Reunion as Stolen Dog Is Returned to Owner

Sacramento Police shared a video of the moment a woman was reunited with her missing dog on Wednesday.

According to the Sacramento Police Department, Rubi Rose was reported stolen from her owner Amanda Duhaime’s front yard in Sacramento, California, over past the weekend.

SPD Detective Marcel Loriaux took the case and began investigating immediately. He located the suspect’s car and found the dog inside on Wednesday. The suspect is in custody for theft-related charges, according to a Facebook post from the SPD.

The police department post Rubi Rose as a “sweet girl.”

“Most importantly,” the post read, “Rubi was reunited

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Dog Rescues Drowning Puppy From Swimming Pool in Incredible Video

They say dogs are a man’s best friend, but if this recent viral video is anything to go by they are also pretty good to each other.

In the clip, shared to Twitter by @RexChapman, we can see a small white puppy falls into a swimming pool and is rescued from drowning by a larger black dog.

The footage, which was captured on CCTV, first shows the heart-stopping moment that the little puppy topples into the water, then their subsequent panic as they fight to keep from being submerged.

In the viral video a dog saved a puppy from drowning
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Hero dog rescues drowning pooch from pool in viral ‘heart-wrenching’ video caught on security camera

A “heart-wrenching” video of a dog rescuing a drowning toy Pomeranian has gone viral on social media.

“It was heart-wrenching to watch. We still struggle to watch that video today, just thinking of what could have happened if Jessie was not there,” Byron Thanarayen of South Africa said of the scene. “I’m really proud of her, considering she is the youngest.”

The incident occurred earlier this month when a 13-year-old toy Pomeranian named Chucky fell into the pool in Thanarayen’s backyard, which was caught on security cameras and has now been seen thousands of times across the world.


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Dog Rescues Drowning Puppy in ‘Amazing’ Video: ‘We Don’t Deserve Dogs’

A viral clip caught the moment a dog pulled a struggling puppy from a pool.

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A recently viral video captured the moment a dog saved a drowning puppy that slipped into a pool. 

On April 20, former NBA player Rex Chapman shared CCTV footage of a small white pup in distress after it walks around a swimming pool and suddenly falls in. The pup then attempts to stay afloat by paddling around the pool, until a larger black dog shows

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Neighbor security camera video shows argument

The woman kitty-corner across the street from Donavon Brinson has fostered any number of girls over many years, so when he pulled into his driveway after running errands Tuesday afternoon and saw a commotion among some girls outside there, he wasn’t worried.

“They were calling each other the B-word, so I figured it was just a girl fight,” Brinson said.

But when he took his dog, Max, out back, things hadn’t quieted down. In fact, he said, the yelling had escalated. 

So he went inside. Then Columbus police arrived, and he heard four shots. His wife, Rachel, hit the floor.

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VIDEO: Dog requires urgent surgery after grooming appointment

Editor’s note: Some quotes have been translated from Spanish.
WARNING: Some footage in this article may be graphic.

MISSION, Texas (KVEO) — Laly Moreno dropped off two of her dogs at a Texas pet salon last month, but when her daughter picked up her Shitsu, Mia, she said she was shocked by what she found.  

“He never told me it was something serious,” said Moreno. “I just thought she (Mia) was not in the mood or whatever.” 

Moreno said Arturo Tapia, the owner of Flash Pet Salon & Hotel in Mission, called her on March 13 to

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