May 9, 2021
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Interfering with wild animals does more harm than good | Free

As people head outdoors this season to enjoy the sunshine and warmer weather, they might encounter a variety of newborn animals. Young wildlife can pull on people’s heartstrings as they appear to be abandoned, but that’s usually not the case. The Missouri Department of Conservation reminds the public that interfering with wildlife can do more harm than good.

“Young animals are rarely orphaned,” said Sherri Russell, MDC state wildlife veterinarian. “If the young is left alone, the parent will usually return. Parents are normally out searching for food and cannot constantly attend to their offspring.”

Baby birds are a common

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SC wildlife officials concerned about rabbit disease affecting wild and domestic animals | News

The outbreak of a foreign animal disease fatal to rabbits has state wildlife officials concerned about a potential spread to South Carolina. 

Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus-2 was detected last year in southwestern states and has spread to Florida. And while no cases have been reported in the Palmetto State, wildlife officials want residents to stay vigilant.

The S.C. Department of Natural Resources said humans are not susceptible to the disease, but it is highly contagious for rabbits and nearly always fatal.

Both domestic and wild rabbits are at risk. Infected animals could experience loss of appetite, lethargy, high fever, seizures,

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What Is ‘Wild West Pimp Style’? And Are Texans Prepared?

It’s about to go off up in here.

Last week, as Texas legislators debated HB 1927 (the Texas Constitutional Carry bill), a new phrase was introduced that conjures up all kinds of images as to the types of people who would be flooding into our state, infiltrating our delicate way of life here in the Lone Star State.

Actually, perhaps we should let Texas State Representative Ann Johnson explain how fear would be struck into our hearts should this bill pass…


That’s right, Cowboy Pimps…I guess?

Well, this may NOT be totally representative of exactly who

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Wild animal tourism is getting the message, but what about protections here in Mass.?

Re “Love Animals? Here are some things not to do on your next vacation.” (Sunday Travel, April 4): Thank you for highlighting responsible vacations involving wild animals. This article is particularly timely for Massachusetts, since a bill is currently before the Legislature that would prohibit the exploitation of wild animals by the animal entertainment industry operating in our state. The proposed legislation enjoys broad support in the Legislature, and banning wild animal acts is popular statewide, particularly after the tragic deaths of two beloved elephants, Karen and Beulah, in 2019 after years of alleged abuse and neglect by their owners

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Wild turkeys abound as hunting season approaches

By V. Paul Reynolds

Maine’s spring wild turkey-hunting season is just around the corner.

By V. Paul Reynolds

Maine’s spring wild turkey-hunting season is just around the corner.

Having hunted these big birds with a shotgun and a bow, I can attest to the hunting challenge and mystique of wild turkeys. The turkey woods, and the sounds of an early morning longbeard announcing his presence, still gives me goosebumps even to this day. And, if cooked properly, they are tasty table fare as well!

Veteran turkey hunters have already begun scouting for birds. Maine’s Stu Bristol, who literally wrote the

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Proposed Medina ordinance prohibits feeding stray and wild animals

MEDINA, Ohio (WJW) – Medina City Council on Monday will be considering legislation that would make it illegal to feed stray and wild animals if it contributes to those animals becoming a nuisance for neighbors.

The ordinance is something that Councilman Bill Lamb tells Fox 8 News he and his colleagues on council have been working on in committee for several years with representatives of the city’s law department.

Council President John Coyne II says it was modeled after similar laws in other communities.

The proposal

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